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Roborock S8 Max Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop - Black

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Roborock S8 Max Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop - Black
Roborock S8 Max Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop - Black
  • Advanced FlexiArm Design - Roborock's FlexiArm extends the side brush to reach concave corners with 100% coverage and hard-to-reach spaces under furniture. Coupled with the Extra Edge Mopping System, it achieves precise edge cleaning with a cleaning precision of less than 1.68mm.
  • Upgraded All-in-One RockDock Ultra - The RockDock Ultra revolutionizes cleaning with automatic hot water mop washing (up to 140°F) that effortlessly dissolves stubborn stains from the mop. Its intelligent dirt detection ensures optimal mop-washing time, and returns to heavily soiled areas for thorough cleanliness. Enjoy a fresh environment with automatic hot air drying, which prevents unpleasant odors. The automatic detergent dispenser provides over 3 months of cleaning support with a single fill, while automatic dust collection, water replenishment, and a self-cleaning base ensure hassle-free maintenance, saving you precious time.
  • Unmatched Cleaning Performance - With unparalleled 8000Pa suction, unleash the formidable cleaning power of the S8 Max Ultra to achieve spotless perfection in your home. The upgraded mop features dual vibration modules that can easily manage dust, dirt, and dry stains through high-speed scrubbing at 4000 times per minute.
  • Smart Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance - Experience intelligent cleaning with the S8 Max Ultra's Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance and PreciSense LiDAR technology. Detecting and skillfully bypassing objects with its 3D structured light technology, the robot vacuum creates detailed maps for precise navigation thanks to its PreciSense LiDAR navigation system.
  • Efficient Carpet Care - With 20mm Auto Mop Module Lifting, the S8 Max Ultra lifts the mop automatically while cleaning carpets, preventing unwanted dampness. And take advantage of the Roborock app to access a range of carpet cleaning options. Choose from vacuuming carpets first, deep carpet cleaning, or activating carpet boost mode to tailor your cleaning experience to suit your specific preferences.
  • Upgraded App Control - Experience a new standard of cleaning efficiency with the upgraded Roborock app, boasting cutting-edge AI algorithms. The Roborock SmartPlan intelligently selects different cleaning intensities based on specific areas, optimizing your cleaning routine. Seamlessly manage unexpected situations with Temporary Cleaning, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions. Tailored for pet owners, Pet Area Deep Cleaning ensures thorough cleaning of pet-occupied areas. Smart Suggestions for No-Go Zones and 3D mapping further enhance cleaning precision, guaranteeing efficient performance throughout your home.
  • Note: Only support 2.4G WiFi, 100V-120V.

Product Description:

Get ready for S8 Max Ultra's superior cleaning performance. With total corner-to-edge cleaning, advanced mopping and smooth navigation, your floors have never looked better. The RoboDock Ultra and easy-to-use App set a new standard for convinient floor care.

Hot Water Mop Washing

With up to 140℉ hot water mop washing, stubborn and greasy stains are easily dissolved from the mop, and the mop is also disinfected. This makes it sterile and suitable for kitchen and dining areas.

This is a image

Based on Roborock internal tests, the water in the clean water tank can be heated up to 140℉ at standard room temperature. The actual temperature will vary due to environmental factors.

Intelligent Dirt Detection


During mop washing, detection checks how dirty the mops are to decide if they need to be washed again for proper cleanliness.


In heavily soiled areas, the floors will be mopped again to ensure a perfect clean.

Automatic re-mopping feature needs to be activated manually in the Roborock app.

Auto Detergent Dispenser

The detergent is dispensed automatically, so you don’t need to fill in the detergent every time and worry about the proportion. With a spacious 580ml detergent tank, fill it once to support over 3 months.

Based on Roborock internal testing using balanced mode. Actual results may vary depending on environmental factors.

Heated Air Drying

The mop and dock base are dried completely with 140℉ hot air, preventing the growth of mold and unpleasant odors.

Based on Roborock internal testing. Actual results may vary depending on environmental factors.

Auto Dust Emptying

Supports auto dust emptying after cleanups and during cleanups, enhancing efficiency for heavy vacuuming and pet-friendly families, 7 weeks without emptying.

Actual emptying intervals will depend on use habits and environmental factors.

Auto Tank Refilling

Fills the robot water tank automatically when needed.

Dock Self-Cleaning

The innovative self-cleaning design cleans the bottom of the dock to save you time and effort.

FlexiArm Design Side Brush

Unique to Roborock, the FlexiArm Design automatically extends the side brush when corners, and low areas below furniture are detected, allowing S8 Max Ultra to sweep up dirt from hard-to-reach spaces.

100%Concave Corner Coverage

1. The extendable side brush for sweeping low areas needs to be activated manually on the App.
2. Certified No.1111279039 by TÜV Rheinland. Actual coverage depends on the environment.

Extra Edge Mopping System

Say goodbye to missed spots and hello to pristine floors. The innovative rotating side mop ensures precise cleanliness by effortlessly mopping closer to the edges, achieving impressive margins of less than 1.68mm.

  • 1.68mm Along the Edge
  • 185rpm Rotating Speed

1. Based on Roborock internal testing. Actual results may vary depending on environmental factors.
2.Based on Roborock internal testing, when selecting extreme water flow in custom mode, the mops can spin at a maximum speed of 185 rpm.

8000Pa Extreme Suction

Unleash the power of the S8 Max Ultra with its unparalleled 8000Pa HyperForce suction capability. Prepare to be amazed as your home transforms into a spotless haven.

Based on Roborock internal testing according to IEC 62885-2:2021 / 5.11 standards, using Max+ mode with a full battery.

DuoRoller Riser Brush

Achieve greater vacuuming efficiency across all floor types and ensure fewer hair tangles thanks to the power of the dual-roller brush, designed for a cleaner, hassle-free environment.

Roborock Carpet Boost+ System

Get better carpet care with a 99.5% hair pick-up rate using the Roborock Carpet Boost+ System.

Based on Roborock internal testing using Max+ mode. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.

This is a image

VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System

Featuring double vibration modules, the upgraded mop effortlessly manages dust, dirt, and dried-on stains through its 4000 times/min high-speed scrubbing. It lifts up to 20mm* above the ground while cleaning carpets, allowing simultaneous vacuuming and mopping without causing unwanted dampness.

Based on Roborock internal testing, the mop module can be lifted to 20mm above the ground.

Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance

Experience the seamless intelligence of the S8 Max Ultra, empowered by its advanced 3D structured light technology. With remarkable precision, it effortlessly detects and skillfully navigates around hazards.

Pet-Friendly Intelligence

When approaching your beloved pets, it will immediately stop its main brush, and move aside in advance to prevent frightening your furry friends.

PreciSense LiDAR Navigation

PreciSense LiDAR Navigation system scans and simultaneously creates detailed maps to determine the most efficient cleaning route, bringing a thorough and time-effective clean.

Smart Suggestions for No-Go Zones

Smart enough to suggest No-Go Zones automatically, your robot is kept safe from falling down the stairs accidentally, or getting stuck in tight spots.

Roborock SmartPlan Technology

With SmartPlan Mode on, you only need to choose the cleaning area and the S8 Max Ultra will take care of the rest. It will determine how to clean automatically based on the environment.

Temporary Cleaning

The “Temp Cleaning” function swiftly handles unexpected spills without disrupting your usual cleaning schedule.You can also utilize the “Temp Skip” feature to temporarily bypass cleaning specific areas as needed.

Clean Along Floor Direction

Achieve spotless cleanliness even in floor seams with the S8 Max Ultra, as it vacuums along the floor direction.

Cleaning Access, Always Within Reach

Third-Party Voice Control

  • Voice commands via Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Google Home.

This is a image

Launcher Widgets

  • One-click access to custom cleaning routines.

Apple Watch App

  • Quickly start cleanups or do a status check.

  • Brand: roborock
  • Model Name: S8 Max Ultra
  • Special Features: Auto Mop Washing, Self-Refilling, Self-Drying, Self-Emptying, Self-Cleaning, Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, Dual Brush Cleaning, Powerful 8000Pa Suction, Dual Sonic Mopping Area, Intelligent Brush/Mop Lifting, ReactiveAI 3D Obstacle Avoidance, Precision Laser Mapping & Navigation, Low Noise, Sonic Mopping, Ultrasonic Carpet Detection, App Control: Variable Suction Control, Multi-Floor Mapping, No-Go Zone, Advanced Custom Cleaning, Scheduling; Pet Hair Pick Up, Works with Alexa, Auto-Docking, Anti-Fall, Cordless, Edge Cleaning, Washable Filter
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 16.1"L x 17.56"W x 18.5"H 
  • Filter Type: Washable Filter
  • Battery Life: 180 minutes
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Are Batteries Included: Yes
  • Control Method: App, Voice
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Amazon Echo, Siri, Google Home
  • Form Factor: Robotic Item
  • Weight: 31.8 pounds

What's In The Box:
  • Robot Vacuum(1)
  • RockDock Ultra Dock(1)
  • Mop Cloth (1)
  • Mop Cloth Mount(1)
  • Dust Bag (1)
  • Power Cable (1)
  • User Manual (1)

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