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Based on 230 reviews
Excellent price and delivery speed

Very happy with product, price and speed of delivery


It took two weeks to arrive, but we love our new robot vacuum. It was on discount so I'm very happy.

The product is amazing. Except the delivery was delayed for over two weeks.

Very disappointed customer

You sold me a unit with only Chinese programming and language to Australia where the language is mainly ENGLISH. Item won’t let me register unless I select China for the region.


Really disappointed with this product. For the price I paid, I expected it to be much better quality. I have used it twice and already faulty. The heating doesn’t work and keeps cutting out. Don’t waste your money.

Poor packaging but the controller was fine.

The box was torn and dented, and the controller inside wasn't in a box or even just bubblewrap. Don't know how it survived but luckily it did.

The controller feels good quality and exactly the same as every other official controller, as is expected. It isn't some 3rd party made copycat.

Excellent microphone for professional use

The Rode Videomic NTG is a high quality professional microphone, both in terms of construction and technology. It particularly surprised me with its different recording modes, suitable among other things for different contexts and environments.
Perhaps some dedicated accessories are missing, such as a special carrying case. YouTube video placeholder
Valve Steam Deck OLED 1TB Handheld Gaming Console

Grat and easy to use

Legit and good service

AUSTPOST delivery was 2 weeks late but nothing to do with Tech Tach who processed the order in a timely manner

Steam Deck OLED 1T

Tech Tack were very good at responding to enquires. Be aware that shipping takes a while from the US

The Steam deck OLED itself is incredible. Valve have made something special

Love this little robot!

Does my work for me. My floors are so clean. I don't need to do much aa well, only changing the water once a week.

Steam Deck Oled

Very pleased with the Company, The guy answered my questions and was great when I had concerns about delivery and was first time I used TechTack so very greatful for the Guy giving me confidence all the way uptill it arrived.
Thank you so much
Steam Deck came in excellent seal ent and packaging .

After a week

It cleans really well.
The AI doesn't work.
The wifi call has good video and unusable audio.
The maps are brilliant 3D fancy, but wrong and walls are not fixable.
I really like it but it's full of issues that customers would consider returning.

Probably a great product, but haven’t seen it yet

Ordered on the 3rd December, sent from Adelaide on the 4th before Australia Post subsequently took 14 days (11 business days) to make an after hours delivery to a business address in Townsville. Unfortunately this missed our travel window and so the product is sitting in Townsville while we are holidaying two states away. Suitably miffed. Points off for using such a second rate postal service. Won’t be tempted to order products outside of Queensland or NSW in future. I’ve had deliveries from the UK in 5 business days. Unbelievable.


The screen extenders have completely changed how I can work remotely or at home. They are as easy as the instructions say. The advertising states Microsoft Surface Laptops (my computer, not the Surface Pro) are not compatible but I took the risk as everything else was. I loaded the driver that comes with the package and then it was plug and play. Genuinely love it. I don't do reviews, but I felt compelled due to how awesome this really is.


I am so happy with my tablet. I am not overly smart with technology, but I am slowly working it out .
Thank you.

Very good deck

It's nice of them to import the revisioned model and I was lucky to get it. It's been working flawlessly. Would rate 6 stars for including an adaptor if I could.

Great second laptop screen

The display is clear and bright. It stands well on a desk and is light enough to be easily portable. Can recommend.

Super thin and handy

Got my product today. I am very happy witht the steady quality. The screen is really thin. Easy to carry around with my notebook.

Best Discount Ever!

Worth every penny it exceeded my expectations

Best Discount Ever!

Featuring a sleek design and good build quality, this mid-range laptop is both visually appealing and durable.

Smooth Performance!

Bought it in sale! Best Website for Shopping.

Smooth Performance!

Bought it in sale! Best Website for Shopping.

Easy to Use

Effortless setup and hassle-free user experience

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